We are called by our Christian faith to love our neighbor and work for justice.

Our Statement of Intent

The Racial Justice Team at Minnehaha is guided by the United Methodist Church’s stance against racism, by our commitment to achieve an understanding of the harms of systemic racism and by concrete actions which we can take to promote social justice. Click here to read the framework that guides our work and details the actions we are taking to eliminate racism.

What We're Doing

Land Acknowledgement Statement and Beyond
We have begun learning about the Native American peoples whose homeland is South Minneapolis as we prepare to write a responsible, respectful and helpful Land Acknowledgement Statement. This will be our first step as we move forward on a path of repentance and racial reconciliation with our Indigenous neighbors. CLICK HERE for more information about land acknowledgements from the Native Governance Center. CLICK HERE for information about Beyond Land Acknowledgements, also from the Native Governance Center.

Reparations for Spirituals
As we have expanded our worship services to include livestreaming, we are aware that we pay royalties regularly for a wide variety of our music, but not for the spirituals we sing. While considered in the public domain, we are well aware of how it is that writers and composers of spirituals never had their names tied to their music, and that the communities originally fed by spirituals were denied a humane existence in our society. We cannot change or make up for the past, but we do want to be part of a future that forges a more equitable place for everyone. As a step toward that future, we collect special donations throughout the year for a Spirituals Royalties Fund. Our Racial Justice Team donates our spirituals royalties to local organizations that promote the development of music and arts for persons of color.

Ongoing Action & Education
As a church, we recognize that there is so much more to learn and integrate into our spiritual lives regarding racial justice. Join us as we work toward a better understanding of our past, present and future. We have ongoing opportunities for our entire church community to get involved in advancing racial justice, including sermon series, book studies, field trips, film studies and other events.

Interested In Joining Us?

Contact Kip Kirkpatrick kip.m.kirkpatrick@gmail.com
We meet on the third Tuesday of every month.


We're constantly looking for ways we can all work toward a more just future for everyone. Check out the links below.